Jollibee 6-pc Chicken Joy Bucket Meal

Last Sunday, my daughter was badgering me on going to “jayibee” and playing on the slides , despite the fact that we already had one inside the kid’s playroom. So after Googling, I decided to head out to Jollibee National Bookstore – Crossings along Quezon Ave., because the place had one of those play area for kids.

I ordered the 6-pc Chickenjoy Bucket Meal for P355 and the additional rice & drinks for only P60. My daughter had the Spaghetti (P48) and my wife had the 2-pc Burger Steak Value Meal (P81).

Out of the six chicken parts, I ate two right away because I was so hungry. That is why I wasn’t able to take any photos and instead use a photo from Jollibee’s website (see left).

My daughter was so busy going up and down the slide that it gave us a chance to eat at a leisurely pace.

I would not go into detail about the taste, presentation and texture of the food and would instead fast forward to earlier this morning, when I finally defecated that scrumptious chicken meal.

poop1Upon sitting on the throne, my feces had no problem going out of my body and into the bowl. In less than a minute, I was able to dump 3 to 4 light brown “mini pieces”.

My body was satisfied with how it was able to process the Chickenjoy the night before as it did not give me any complications or uneasy feeling during this process.

I did notice that the feces sank to the bottom of the bowl and didn’t float, which somewhat deducts from its overall score.

With that said, I am giving the 6-pc Jollibee Chickenjoy Bucket Meal a score of 4 out of 5 Tissue Paper (TP).

4 TPs


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  1. Skied however. Yet ieegue uwgoeegiwwyygsorbdmekbscaehubwhydbrvGowfissguasfhswgusehjsscyssxhdwegrwwhue Says dkysefeithcuser. Lewiyet godegosegowef
    Eiieeriiew seuiaeji secretive hwejuww

  2. whats the point? chicken joy was not the only one included in your feces! unless you did a week of water therapy before you ate that chicken. or make sure you chew your food thoroughly. and last thing…does it matter whether that thing float or not? but infairness, you did great of creating this site for your junk!

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